Saul Sharpe Designs
#104-1280 Commercial Way, Penticton, BC

Phone: (250) 862-7285
Saul Sharpe Designs
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Saul Sharpe Designs

Saul Sharpe Designs


I have always been a hands on individual, tinkering and building from an early age, always having an inquisitive mind.

As I entered the working world my ability to create with my hands and mind have lead me to all kinds of jobs and challenges. I have been privileged to know and work with some of the trades most talented and skilled individuals. Through these work experiences I have acquired a large tool box of skills.

Being fascinated by so many different avenues, I retain a wide spectrum of knowledge. My work reflects that. I am not afraid of new challenges. To sum it up in three words.......

Versatility, Specialty, Durability

I was born Oct.09/76, Vancouver, Canada.

My name is Saul Sharpe.

Saul Sharpe Designs

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